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Solving the global crisis

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A Medical Supplies Global Crisis

As declared by WHO, COVID19 has caused large-scale loss of life and severe human suffering “This is the biggest international challenge since the Second World War” highlighted by United Nations’ Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

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Affected Countries

COVID19 spreads across 213 countries and territories with the Americas having the greatest number of cases and death toll

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Problems & Ethical Dilemmas

Around 30% of COVID19 patients require ventilatory assistance which far outnumbers medical ventilator supply. This causes patients to miss the chance of being saved and medical practitioners to face hard ethical situations.


Confirmed Cases
of COVID-19


Countries & Territories



*Data from WHO and CNN on 21 Dec 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is posing an unprecedented challenge to the world, ventilators machines have been in critical shortage globally since the beginning of the pandemic in late January 2020. In view of such distressing times, Wise Ally had decided to save lives by developing the most affordable medical ventilator and yet safe and easy-to use ventilator – SapiVents which is built around a resuscitator bag usually found in ambulances and hospitals.


The name SapiVents is a compound word of “sapiens” and “vent(ilator)”.

In biological and anthropological terminology, “homo sapiens” all-inclusively refers to modern human beings. By linking “homo sapiens”, SapiVents bears the implication that our ventilator is for all of humanity. We deliberately keep the plural “s” for the name to emphasize the concept of “for all”.

About Breathe Freely Campaign


Breathe Freely Charity Campaign is a charitable initiative spearheaded by Wise Ally. With the generous funding from private and corporate donors and from the philanthropic sector, SapiVents medical ventilator will begin production and start delivery by the end of 2020 to fight against COVID-19. It can certainly provide a temporary but crucial solution for emergency use offering basic ventilator function during critical situation.


Life is priceless, and COVID-19 patients have the rights to breathe freely. All donations received will be used mainly on producing and delivering SapiVents via international NGOs and charity organizations. We hope our capabilities can bring a positive change to the world in this critical time.

Why Wise Ally? 

  • Reputable HK listed company with 10+ years experience in electronic product design and manufacturing


  • OEM/ODM specialist in Healthcare and Medical, HVAC, Industrial and Appliance markets for Fortune 500 companies


  • Extensive global vendor network


  • Approval certifications include ISO13485, cGMP, ISO9001, ISO14001
  • 1 World Vision1 World Vision
  • 2 Crossroads Foundation2 Crossroads Foundation